Cardiovascular Cartography (CCG)

What is CardiovascularCartography?

Cardiovascular Cartography (CCG) is an advanced non-invasive coronary artery imaging system that gives complete haemodynamic picture of the heart to map myocardial blood flow and informs of coronary artery disease, oxygen status, etc.

How is the procedure done?

Patient lies on the CCG bed and special electrodes, sensors, transducers and continuous non-invasive Blood pressure instrument are used to acquire data and analyze it in about 20 minutes.

Who should have CCG done?

Screening after 30 years age
High risk patients: Family history of Heart disease, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Overweight, increased cholesterol or homocystein, Smokers, Alcoholics, Sedentary and Stressful lifestyle
Chest pain: know if it is heart or other disease
To determine the extent of heart disease
Assess ACT, ECP, Angioplasty, Bypass effectiveness
Early detection of Coronary Artery Disease
Early detection of left heart failure
Assess Sympathetic/Parasympathetic predominance
Assess if aspirin, yoga, meditation etc can help.
As part of master health check up
Mass screening for institutions, insurance

What is the preparation for CCG?

No tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking or tobacco use for 12hours before the test.
No heart medicines like Sorbitrate, anti-hypertensivedrugs etc. (May take medicines for diabetes or in case of emergency).
Come empty stomach or take a cup of milk with two biscuits or a slice of bread three hours before the test.
No long walk, exercise or exertion.