What is Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT)?

ACTis non-operative treatment of angina chest pain to increase blood flow to the heart to avoid bypass and to treat post bypass angina pain with Chelation Therapy along with Lifestyle management, antioxidants and nutrients.

How is ACT done?

ACT prevents and are evers es heartdisease . It includes chelation therapy which is safe, comfortable intravenous drip medication a srecommended by American College for Advancement in Medicine.Given in intravenous drip each lasting 2½ to 3 hours. Usually 20 to 30 drips are given two or three times a week in 10 to 15 weeks. Patients can also have two drips on consecutive days every week

Which patients can benefit by ACT?

Heart patients of Angina chest pain and Myocardial Infraction (Heart Attack) -
With failed angioplasty or bypass
Who are not fit for angioplasty or bypass
Who do not benefit by medicines.
Who do not want angioplasty or bypass

ACT is also beneficial in:
Pain legs due to Peripheral Artery Disease
Cerebral ischaemia with memory/mental deficiency
Cerebral thrombosis /embolism caused paresis
Chronic Fatigue (Tiredness) Syndrome
Decreased sexual functioning
To increase sports performance
For detoxification and anti-ageing

How does the patient know he has improved?

Patients have improve quality of life. They feel better, and test better, have less frequency and intensity of chest pain and discomfort, breath better, can walk longer distance and require less medication. They have increased energy, work capacity, memory, mental ability, sexual performance, less fatigue and pain legs and improved general looks and skin colour.

Will angiography, Cardiovascular Cartography and Stress Thallium show the improvement?

Improvement with can be assessed with Cardiovascular Cartography (CCG) or Stress Thallium as they document the blood flow. Please note that blood flow is not proportionate to the degree of stenosis in blood vessel as is usually presumed. Angiography assesses the patency and stenosis in three big blood vessels and their major branches but is not suitable for visualizing the millions of smaller blood vessels and capillaries, nor for assessing the overall blood flow to the heart muscle which is what ultimately matters.

What is the success rate of ACT?

ACT benefits about 80 to 90 out of 100 patients.

How does ACT increase the micro-circulation?

ACT improves coronary blood flow by removing calcium from blood vessel walls and the plaques that contain 70% calcium, 23% lipids and 7% other material. It also removes heavy metal pollutants, the cause of free radical formation that lead to plaque formation. Chelation detoxifies the body leading to healthier life and is part of anti-ageing programs in many countries.

Is ACT possible in patients having Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Thyroid problem, etc?

Yes, ACTis possible in patients with most diseases.

Is ACT possible before bypass or in failed bypass?

Yes, ACT can be done before angioplasty and bypass and also in failed angiography and bypass.

Are Angioplasty and Bypass not good options?

As surgery is not successful in every patient and has risk, hence surgery should be preserved for patients not responding to safe non-surgical treatments. The life of the stent and bypass are limited and repeat stent and bypass are less safe and not always possible.

What are the advantages of ACT?

  Angioplasty/Stent Bypass Surgery ACT
Procedure Stretch artery and place stent Attach new vessel around blocked site IV medication & Life style management
Anesthesia May be needed Needed Nil
Blood transfusion No Yes No
Scar of cut No Yes No
Pain Yes Yes No
Hospital stay Few days Few weeks 2½ to 3 hours*
Return to work Days to weeks Weeks to months Same day
Procedure danger Yes Yes No
Surgery unfit patients May not Possible Not Possible Possible
Failed bypass May not be possible May not be possible Possible
Complications Possible   + Possible   ++ Nil
Procedure deaths +    0.4 to 1 % ++  1 to 8% Nil
Heart attack due to procedure +    3% ++  5 to 10% Nil
Emergency CABG Needed in 2 to 5% Itself bypass surgery Nil
Results 85 to 90% 80 to 90% 80 to 90%
Re-block chances 40% by 6 months 10 to 20% by 1 year Maintenance program
Other benefits No No Yes  *
Reversal of other blocks No No Yes
Preventive procedure No No Yes
Cost effectiveness No No Yes

What if ACTfails in any case?

If ACTfails angioplasty and Bypass are still possible.

How can the benefit of ACT be enhanced?

ACT benefit can be enhanced with External Counter Pulsation (ECP), heart specific diet, good life style and proper medication.

How is the acceptance of ACT by patients?

It is very well accepted by patients.

What is the present status of ACT?

Lifestyle, nutrients and antioxidants are well accepted world over. Chelation is off label use of FDA (USA) approved medicines using American College for Advancement in Medicine protocol and guidelines. It is accepted by National Health Services (NHS) in UK and is available in over 2000 clinics in America and many in Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Spain etc. It is a patient proven therapy and millions world over have reported benefit with this treatment.