Cartilage Growth proved on x-ray - Mrs.Sheela Devi,

I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity and walked with the aid of walking stick and required pain killer drugs almost daily.

Three months after treatment I am off pain killers, deformity is better and am not dependent on walking stick. X-ray of the knees shows increased gap between the bones confirming regeneration of cartilage. Furthur progressive improvement is expected for up-to one year and more. (as informed to press)

Mrs.Sheela Devi,
W/O Mr.Mohan Lal
Age: 57 years Weight: 99 Kg
1370, Phase II, Urban Estate, Dugri, Ludhiana 141001 (Punjab) India

True Experiences of the first patient of Cytotron Could walk again after being bedridden - Tejwant Kaur Gill

Thirty six years back I had sudden pain and swelling in my left knee that was diagnosed as Osteoarthritis. I was advised pain killers and told that this is a chronic disease and I will require painkillers off and on lifelong. The pain killers helped but soon there was pain in the right knee also and the frequency of pain increased and even the remission periods were not totally comfortable. Gradually knees started bending and my activity got restricted to the four walls of my house. Pains during night made life miserable. I tried various therapies like garlic, special nutrition diets, Ayurvedic, homoeopathic, acupressure, herbal oil massage, etc. that was suggested by well wishers but my disease kept worsening. In December 2003 I had pathological fracture of second lumbar vertebra and was put on bed rest for six months with and regular physiotherapy and medicines. When my back healed I tried to stand but could not do so even after repeated efforts of my physiotherapist. The orthopedician told me that I had developed flexion contractures of knees due to osteoarthritis and total knee replacement of both knees was required to make me walk again. As I am asthmatic and allergic to most medicines surgery was out of question. I remained totally bed ridden and could not even go to the toilet. The increasing dose of painkillers required me to take antacids to cool my stomach. I became hopeless and went into depression.

Then I came to know of Cytotron Therapy and was the first patient of Sibia Medical Centre. Dr. R. V .Kumar the inventor from Bangalore personally started my treatment on 21nd March, 2006. The doctors stopped my painkillers on the first day and within few days of treatment my swelling and pain of knees vanished. Hope returned as my knees started straightening up and could tolerate exercises. After three months though comfortable I could not walk. I took a second 21 days second course of Cytotron treatment of next harmonics. I mid August I could gradually stand and walk with walker. My doctors are happy and have told me that this progress will continue in next six to twelve months and more.

I thank God Almighty, Dr.Kumar the inventors of Cytotron, doctors and staff members of Sibia Medical Centre and my family members for their constant effort and care along that have enabled me walk again after two years and eight months. I feel no one needs to be scared of arthritis as Cytotron can reverse and cure it and provide relief from pain. Early Cytotron Therapy can prevent severe complications of deformity.

Mrs. Taiwan Kaur Gill,
Retired Math Teacher
Age: 79 years, Height: 5ft 3in, Weight:67 Kg
632-L, Model Town, Ludhiana 141001 (Punjab) India
Contact No: 0091-161-2455532

Experience of RA positive patient In bed for 10 years – now can walk - Chander Vikash Patel

My son had rheumatoid arthritis for the last 11 years since 1995 and had to drop studies in Class seven while studying in one of India’s best school’s – Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital. I had him treated by orthopedicians and rheumatologists at Patna, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Banaras Hindu University. He also took treatment from Ayurvedic and Homeopathic experts. In spite of our continuous efforts there was no sign of improvement and Chander became crippled and immobilized as the disease increased manifolds. He was completely bed ridden and could not even sit up to urinate. I spent about Rs.45,00,000/- (Rupees Forty Five Lakh) on the treatment of Chander but got no relief.In March 2006 we approached Sibia Medical Centre for his treatment with the hope that Chander could atleast sit up to urinate instead of doing it lying down. On 9th May, 2006 Dr.S.S.Sibia and Dr,Harpreet Kaur Sibia started his treatment by application of new Tissue Engineering technology called RFQMR therapy discovered by Dr,R.V.Kumar of Bangalore. We were also advised good diet with supplements for nutrition and moderate exercise. All medicines were stopped so there was no question of any side effect. We were amazed at Chander able to live without pain killers as before the treatment even with eight painkiller tablets he was not pain free. A few days after starting the treatment his deformity started decreasing. After a few weeks he could stand and walk aided with a walker.

I as a qualified engineer have observed that Cytotron Therapy through RFQMR safely regenerates and repairs cartilage of the knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints decreasing pain and disability too so that patients can start walking like normal human beings. By going through the latest medical literature and research for rheumatoid arthritis for Chander I feel he will certainly recover and regain his loist health in near future only with RFQMR therapy.. The growth of cartilage will progress and both legs will be straight and hip will get normal position for easy walking.
S/O Mr.C.Patel,
Mb: 0091-9888236923, 0091-9334354472