What is Cardiovascular Cartography?
Cardiovascular Cartography (CCG) [older name Realistic Geometric Cartographic Imaging (RGCI)] is a method to measure heart’s blood flow, oxygen supply etc using digitally acquired flow turbulence without putting a ny wires, catheters etc into the body.
How is the procedure done?
Special high precision data accusation electrodes, sensors a nd transducers measures the heart’s parameters which are analysed by sophisticated computerize equipment. The procedure takes about 20 minutes.
Who should have CCG done?
Everyone over 30 years as screening test for early hear t disease detection.
High risk persons - family history of heart disease, diab etes, high blood pressure, overweight, smokers, high cholesterol levels, Sedentary a nd Stressful lifestyle, etc.
Anyone having chest pain to know if it is due to heart or other disease
Chest pain and Heart Patients - to determine extent of disease
Follow up after ECP, ACT, Angioplasty and Bypass to a ssess progress.
To assess chance of sudden cardiac death.
To assess if aspirin is needed, if yoga and meditation w ill help, etc.
As part of master health check up
Mass screening for institutions, corporates, insurance com panies etc

Are doctors at Sibia Medical Centre well trained in CCG?
They are trained by the Centre for Artificial Intell igence & Non-Linear Studies Laboratory, Bangalore by the research team of CCG and have experi ence since 2000 when Sibia Medical Centre introduced CCG in North India.