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Unhealthy eating habits and obesity are some of the reasons behind heart ailments. Ludhiana natives love to put too much butter and clarified butter in their food items. Too much of cholesterol can lead to heart blockage. If not taken care on time, this blockage can lead to heart attack, resulting in danger to life. If you don’t want to end your life in this worst scenario, you should contact Sibia Medical Centre for help. If you are looking for Cardiothoracic Surgeon Ludhiana, we suggest you to visit us and know more about our permanent heart cure therapies and some of the non-invasive heart treatments.

Your noteworthy heart specialist Ludhiana:

For the non invasive heart treatments we are one of the best Heart Specialist in Ludhiana and around. When you look for ACT treatment for improving blood flow in your heart, Sibia Medical Centre is the first name that crosses your mind.

  • If you are looking for Heart Surgeon Ludhiana, do visit us to understand about our therapies and treatments.
  • We would help you to avoid bypass surgery by offering Artery Clearance Therapy or chelation.
  • We use modern tools and techniques for improving heart blood pressure, resulting in healthy blood pumping in heart

Are you searching for best cardiologist in Ludhiana ?

If you reside in Ludhiana and looking for a specialist to take care of your heart, you have come to the right place. We are known to be one of the Best Cardiologist in Ludhiana, using therapies for treating not just heart ailments, but using rays to remove kidney stones as well.

  • We offer natural bypass for your heart using external counter pulsation
  • Sibia Medical Centre makes it a point to have a thorough conversation with patients first before offering the right treatment
  • After you have your appointment with the heart expert, it won’t be long to start the treatment

Call best heart specialist doctor in Ludhiana for help:

Through our Artery Clearance Therapy, we are able to not just prevent heart disease but reverse the mechanism too. For that, you need Sibia Medical Centre as your Best Heart Specialist Doctor in Ludhiana.

  • We have our technical knowhow and training from the arterial Disease Clinic in London, which we have implemented in our therapies.
  • Since 1994, we have experience in the ACT treatment and helped out thousands of patients with their heart ailments
  • We have introduced the new alternatives to bypass surgeries and proven to offer medical treatments to patients

Get to the best heart hospital Ludhiana:

Your search for the Best Heart Hospital Ludhiana now comes to an end with Sibia Medical Centre. Our treatments have already helped millions of patients, who used to suffer from chronic angina chest pain.

  • Right now, these people prefer avoiding bypass surgery and opted for ACT treatment
  • Through our treatment, we increase blood flow to heart and avoid bypass at the first place
  • We are further able to treat post bypass angina pain with our chelation therapy

Contact us for best heart treatment in Ludhiana

Anyone who is looking for the Best Heart Treatment in Ludhiana, can come to Sibia Medical Centre for all the heart and other treatments. We are working hard to introduce some new heart disease treatments, in the most painless manner. Contact us to receive the best heart treatment !

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