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If you are in search of cardiothoracic surgeon  Chaupal, you are having some heart issues which needs to be taken care of immediately. Medical science has improved such that now you can get heart treatment non-invasively without surgery and treatment is also painless. Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana located near Chaupal   provides non-invasive heart treatments or therapies. Some facilities available here are chelation, Artery Clearance Therapy, ECP / EECP and more !

Your trusted Heart Specialist  Chaupal  :

When you need a heart specialist at Chaupal the not very far Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana is by your side serving the patients of Chaupal and nearby regions. Now you don’t have to think about the trauma of bypass surgery, we are here to offer our patients external counter pulsation or ECP / EECP therapy.

  • Our treatments are designed to prevent bypass surgeries in suitable patients
  • EECP helps to increase blood flow by creating collateral vessels, without undergoing surgery, from outside the body by creating special pressures.
  • Furthermore, patients also have Artery Clearance Therapy at our treatment medical.

You have the best Cardiologist to serve Chaupal in and around Chaupal

Sibia Medical Centre has good doctors who like the best Cardiologist serve Chaupal and the areas nearby. Thousands of patients have been helped in solving their heart issues.

  • We offer a non-operative ACT treatment, for the blocked blood vessels
  • This treatment is based on ACAM protocol for Chelation therapy.
  • Dr. Dean Ornish’s methodology for lifestyle management, nutrients and antioxidants is also part of treatment strategy.

What to expect from best heart specialist doctor  Chaupal :

>With help of Sibia Medical Centre’s team you can now avail the best heart condition treatment not possible before. The reputed and best heart specialist doctor serving near Chaupal and surrounding areas are well known. With a proper treatment protocol, your heart becomes lively again.

  • Patients having this treatment will really forget about the bad heart condition they had.
  • ACT treatment helps patients attain and sustain more energy than before because of a better heart condition
  • The therapies help patients regain and invigorates them.
  • ACT is a most promising non-invasive treatment that offers optimal results

Best heart hospital serving  Chaupal   and around

So many patients have already been treated at this one of the best heart hospital serving patients from Chaupal and around areas who are improving fast. The Chelation treatment is dedicated to those patients of heart angina chest pain and also myocardial infarction.

  • Heart patients having suffering from failed bypass and have been advised angioplasty will receive the best treatment through the therapy.
  • The treatment is also meant for patients, who are not fit for bypass or angioplasty
  • If any patients heart condition does not improve even after taking medicines can go for our ACT treatment
  • If you don’t want to bear the pain of bypass or angioplasty, then Sibia Medical Centre has just the right therapeutic treatment for you

Offering the best heart treatment  Chaupal :

If you are looking for non surgery and pain free best heart treatment around Chaupal, then this is the right place. Sibia Medical Centre provides everything you need to get back the good efficient condition of your heart back. Giving us a call or sending us your queries by email will enable us help you better. You can get an appointment by just calling us, we will help you get direct contact with our heart specialists for further consultation.

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