Now you don’t have to think about bypass surgery ever again! Thanks to the reliable team of doctors from Sibia Medical Centre, you don’t have to worry about the painful endeavour of bypass surgery anymore. We are proud to offer our patients with non-invasive heart treatments through some therapies. We have established some of the newer therapies for chest or angina pain. So, now you don’t have to go for bypass surgery or angioplasty, when our painless therapeutic treatments are here to offer the same result.

Get hold of angina treatment without surgery:

If you are suffering from critical heart disease for years, come and consult your case with us. You might have ignored the problem in the past, which has lead to a critical condition now. You might be thinking of bypass surgery which certainly is scary. Avoid falling in that sector with angina treatment without surgery from us.

  • We, at Sibia Medical Centre, are able to treat blocked blood vessels without any surgery
  • To remove heart blockage, we are using scientifically proven and tested intravenous drips through multiple sittings
  • To remove heart blockage, we are using scientifically proven and tested intravenous drips through multiple sittings

Angina Heart treatment without surgery through ECP:

Thank to Dr. Sibia and his ECP treatment, now patients will receive angina heart treatment without surgery to save their lives. Also known as external counter pulsation, this method is used as an alternative to bypass surgery

  • ECP helps in increasing the blood flow by creating collateral without any surgery
  • The collateral is formed from outside body by creating some special pressures.
  • The blocked blood vessels will be opened easily with the help of special painless heart curing treatments from the same source now

Best heart disease treatment without surgery in town:

When you have the positive team of Sibia Medical Centre by your side, you never have to go anywhere else for the much awaited heart valve disease treatment without surgery anymore. Other than offering you with ECP treatment, we are able to offer Artery Clearance Therapy with chelation therapy, as well. Depending on your current heart condition, the medical centre will change the course of treatment from time to time. If you want to get treatment from us, remember to get an appointment first. After that, procuring the best ECP treatment result is not that difficult at all.